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Skin I'm In

ft. Cure for Paranoia, Mama Sol

There’s a bit of anxiousness felt by any parent, whenever his/her teenage or young adult child leaves the house for some innocent fun. SKIN I’M IN is a song that discusses the inherent dangers associated with merely going out on a WEEKEND as young black person when statistics support the possibilities that the “fun” will end up with him/her being locked up or , much worse, not returning home, at all. As Black History Month draws to an end, I felt a need to bring light to the questions, why do the implicit biases and stereotypes that create these disproportionate occurrences for black people exist and what can we do to change them? Alone, I could only give one perspective, therefore I brought a few friends along to share a larger perspective….SKIN I’M IN is produced by Dallas based producer group, The Institute, along with myself. It also features Dallas’ soul infused hip-hop outfit, CURE FOR PARANOIA and my girl from Flint, poet/ M.C MAMA SOL.. SKIN I’M IN comes out today on soundcloud and not inly is it “a bop”, it’s message is crucial and necessary. Please share the link with 3 to 5 people, TODAY..

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